Frequently Asked Questions

The content is fully online via QUT’s blackboard program and while each module is unique, they all consist of weekly reading material/videos/ activities which participants must complete and a discussion board (DB). Some will also have quizzes or other assessment pieces. There are 2 learning pathways – self-directed which can be done at any time or moderated which is offered twice a year (or on request for specific groups). In the latter pathway which is our most popular, the DB is moderated by an experienced lecturer who has professional experience in the module discipline and guides and observes the discussions each week. The forum is a rich learning environment as it gives the participants an ability to explore the material with peers and network with other research active individuals from diverse disciplines across the country. The modules are written and developed by individuals across the country (many employed by ATN universities) with academic and professional experience in the module subject.

It really depends on the needs of the organisation. Some smaller universities with only a few students or who want to trial the modules will enrol individual participants (on a per student rate) and others will pay an annual subscription for a defined number of participants per unit. There is also the option of the participant self-paying using the credit card option. Please contact the e-Gradschool coordinator for more information.

Each moderated module offers a completion certificate for those who complete a nominated task(s). These generally consist of activities, short written tasks or specified content discussions via blackboard postings.

Given that these are non-award courses there are no graded assessments; however as per discussions above there are various activities and tasks which participants can undertake to self-assess their learning progress. The moderators are also online to provide any feedback.

The modules are all host by QUT’s Blackboard system, and enrolling participants are provided with log on credentials to access the modules. The only requirement for the participant is that they have access to a working reliable internet connection and Mozilla Firefox as the browser of choice. (Module content is also provided in PDF format for participants who wish to download material and review offline).

At present there is no formal follow-up. However we often see participants re-enrolling in other modules which suggests a good learning experience, together with results from our evaluation surveys. We are in contact with the universities regularly and seek their feedback on participant satisfaction and progress and have some early data on employment however we would welcome input on follow-on courses or support mechanisms for completing participants.

For ATN university (Curtin, RMIT, QUT, UniSA, UTS) students:

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  • Most universities will allow you to access your student emails even if your password is expired so it is easy to miss this.
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  • For all others: Contact the e-Grad School Coordinator for assistance with any access issues.